Daniel von Appen

Fassade(n) Deutschlands: Köln

Facade(s) of Germany: Cologne

Cologne, my hometown, is the largest city in the German federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth most populated city in Germany. A city with quite a history being founded in 38 BC and ending up as being one of the most heavily bombed cities during WWII resulting in an almost completely destroyed city. Within the postwar era the city was rebuilt with the intention of restoring as many historic buildings as possible – this lead to a very unique and mixed cityscape as there are ruins that date back to the days of the roman empire, buildings from the middle ages, from the baroque, renaissance and gothic era, Art Nouveau buildings and then there’s the majestic Cologne Cathedral – one of most famous monument in Germany, also known as “the eternal construction site”.

There are also 12 romanesque churches which are outstanding examples of medieval architecture, 3 medieval city gates that are still intact and the Cologne City Hall is the oldest city hall in Germany that is still in use, dating back to the 12th century. Oh, and we also have the most pubs per capita in Germany. On top of that Cologne has 7 bridges to cross the Rhine to get to right side of Cologne, also known as “Schäl Sick”, which translates into something like “wrong side”.

But enough of the history lesson. As you can imagine this unique mix of different types or architecture from a span of over 2000 years leads to a vast amount of buildings with a very interesting architecture, may it be ornate, perfectly symmetric or utilizes basic geometric shapes for an intriguing look and while wandering aimlessly through Cologne I try to capture all of those facades.