Daniel von Appen

Fassade(n) Deutschlands: Düren

Facade(s) of Germany: Düren

Düren is a small a town that is located between Aachen and Cologne on the river Rur. Düren was inhabited by the Celts before the roman invasion until it was conquered by Julius Caesar and it became a supply area for the growing Roman city of Cologne. Back in the 13th century Düren gained city rights and established its own city hall which included 12 towers and 5 gates. In the 17th century Düren was embroiled in the thirty  year’s war and was destroyed by opposing troops. Following two plague outbreaks after the war has ended the debilitated town was destroyed again due to various attacks.

In the early 20th century Düren was among the richest cities of Germany with 42 millionaires and 93 factories and a population of 27,168 – in comparison to only 5,000 inhabitants just a century earlier. During WWII Düren was on the main fighting front of the Allied invasion and was, once again, completely destroyed due to air bombings. Many of the people that evacuated Düren during WWII came back after the war and began to rebuild their hometown – against the advice of the American troops – therefore most of the architecture dates from the 1950’s.