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Week 31: Short trip to Düren

Week 31: Short trip to Düren

Running around the same ol’ City for taking photos can be a tad monotonous. So the other day I made a short trip to Düren, a town between Cologne and Aachen – a welcomed change for sure! I can’t recall that I have ever been to Düren before so I took the chance of having an ex-coworker (who happens to live there) act like a guide. We spend most of the time roaming the inner city after spending some time on the “Annakirmes” – a yearly Volksfest between July and August.

During WWII Düren, just as Cologne, was mostly bombed to pieces. While rebuilding the town after the war buildings and facades were faithfully rebuild while some just had the luck to survive. This leads to the same “scenario” as in Cologne – a nice mixture between architectural styles ranging from Jugendstil to post-war and modern architecture. Which is pretty pleasing to me, considering my favor for taking architectural photos of buildings and facades!

At last I took some photos at “Schloß Burgau” – a water castle that dates back to the 14th century.

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