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Week 29: First Panasonic 14-140mm impressions

Week 29: First Panasonic 14-140mm impressions

I used the newly acquired Panaonic 14-140mm lens exclusively for a week now. Walked around 37km, took almost 400 pictures and came to the conclusion that this is a prefect “always on” lens for  travelling. Money well spend I think. The only downside I discovered so far is the fact that my actual camera bag (Everyday Sling by Peak Design) is pretty much empty at the moment – as I sold my Samyang lenses and the 14-42mm kit lens has no real advantage to me, but on the other hand I can pack more food and water and use the rest of the space for a jacket in case of unexpected rain or snowfall. You never know these days..

Anyway, I figured I should get myself a protective case for the camera while it’s in the bag. So I did what any good christian camera lover would do: I bought a MegaGear protection case! The case should arive within the next days and I think it’ll do it’s job quite well.

Below are the most recent photos I made available on unsplash, all taken with the new lens. Enjoy!

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