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Week 28: Lensbaby Trio 28 & Panasonic 14-140

Week 28: Lensbaby Trio 28 & Panasonic 14-140

So, I’ve been having some fun over the last weekend with a Lensbaby Trio-28 f/3.5 lens. Surely a fun lens that allows some interesting shots to be made. Especially when “exploiting” the lens rotation system to take the image through two lenses. Sadly its use is limited when using a MFT sensor camera like I do. One of the lenses comes with a bokeh “twist” effect (similar to the famous Helios 44-2). Due to the cropfactor of 2 on MFT sensors the whole “twist” effect is practically un-noticeable. Most, if not all of the fancy twisting and twirling is literally cropped off (most of the time).

Lensbaby Trio-28

Here are some photos from the Trio-28.

You can get some of these over at unsplash and some are available at my instagram account. I came up with a whooping 420 photos within a single day using the lens. It’s a creative lens that offers a lot of experimentation so you’ll never be done with “just one shot” of the same subject or scene. Yet, in the end, I returned the lens as the price tag of 260€ didn’t justify the fact that (imo) only the “Sweet” lens is useable. The “velvet” is not really my kind of effect and as already mentioned, the “twist” is (sadly) negligible on MFT.

I might get back to this lens if it’s on sale, or if I have the chance to get a used one for a nice price!

Panasonic 14 – 140mm

I’ve been reading up on various zoom lenses from Panasonic. I was undecided between a 35-100 + 14-42 setup or going with the super zoom of 14-140. Because I’m a lazy ass when it comes to changing lenses for getting a better shot I ended up getting the 14-140mm. Who would have thought? It came today and I’m honestly in love. The feel and use of the lens is very, very nice and so is the image quality. Even “wide open” at 3.5 to 5.6 throughout the whole zoom range. You can see for yourself once I start uploading the photos to unsplash!

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