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Milestones, free LUT’s & Lensbabies!

Wohoo! My first milestone reached! I’m quite surprised that I managed to get more than 10.000.000 views and 100.000 downloads on unsplash already. I really didn’t expect such an impact in reaching this much of an audience – maybe as a veteran that’s been active since day one but I joined only a couple of months ago. Quite unexpected and I’m gonna admit that it feels good, even tho they’re just numbers that don’t say anything at all.

I’m not that active on unsplash lately mostly due to bad weather – boo! – and a growing desire for sleep at the moment which allows me to only take pictures on weekends. But, ya know… the weather! It’s always like…  a monkey wrench in the works!

I guess I gotta go back to leer at the weather sealed Panasonic lens so I and my camera companion can enjoy the enduring torment of the shower that cleanses the world, the burden that the clouds can no longer withstand!


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Backed by Lensbaby

My 15 minutes of fame on the Internet?

So, the other day I got contacted by Lensbaby as they stumbled upon my post concerning their Trio-28 lens through my rarely used instagram account . To my own enjoyment they were quite pleased by the results of my photos using the lens and their 3 optics and they way I “exploited” the lens to use two optics at once. During our e-mail conversation they made me an “offer I couldn’t refuse”.

While I had plenty of fun utilizing the Trio-28 I decided to return it in the end. So Lensbaby offered me my own Trio-28 lens in exchange for the rights to use some of my photos for marketing purposes. Considering the nature of being an unsplasher I didn’t hesitate long to kindly accept the offering. I can imagine that this is an outcome that is quite attractive for both parties, as it’s not always about money, licensing and usage rights. Without much hassle or a 16 pages long contract about all possible “if’s”, “when’s” and “whatever’s”  it all came down to a simple agreement with my desired way of being credited in terms of copyright.

I have new equipment, Lensbaby has new marketing material and everyone’s happy! At least I can assure that I am, especially after seeing one of my photos on the official Lensbaby Website!


Lensbaby Trio photos

Free LUT’s!

Now to the most important part I guess: free stuff to download!  I decided to give away my LUT sets for free now in celebration of more than 10.000.000 views/100.000 downloads on unsplash and the support from Lensbaby. While my LUT sets probably aren’t the most professional out there some of you might have a use for them! So grab them and make use of them and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!