Daniel von Appen
Suffocate for fuck Sake - In my blood

Tune in Tip: Suffocate for fuck Sake

Back in 2008 I stumbled across a rather unknown, swedish screamo/hardcore/post-rock band with the delightful name “Suffocate for fuck Sake” and their debut album “Blazing Fires And Helicopters On The Frontpage Of The Newspaper. There’s A War Going On And I’m Marching In Heavy Boots“. A promising debut album from a new promising band! But then.. nothing happened! The band pretty much disappeared, never to be heard of again.

Until October 2016. A bandcamp email in my mailbox, letting me know that Suffocate for fuck Sake just released a new album. I was basically like: wut? 8 years later came the second album from a band I thought no longer existed! I’m certainly glad I was proven wrong and now that the Vinyl version has finally arrived I felt like they deserve a “Tune in Tip”!

Why, you might ask? Because the album is, simply put, amazing! Staying true to their debut in arranging music for a narrative (a documentation about mental handicaps, sterilisation and basic rights and the question about the worthiness of a human with a low IQ compared to the average) that’s told throughout the songs. Given the topics from the documentation you can expect quite some anger, disputes, acceptance, justice and hope dwelling within the songs.

Recognizable by slow, heavy and steady walls of guitars (somewhere between doom/sludge), the harsh screaming and the scattered atmospheric and bright vocals from austrian vocalist Charlee. Most songs are accompanied by a slow down that leads into a calmer musical structure with a fine rhythmic and atmospheric Cello/Piano melody – these slower parts are also used for the narrative parts.

All of this mixed together forges a pretty solid concept that does a pretty good job at pinpointing some of the problems of todays societies – in a musical way that is.