Daniel von Appen
Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones - Astrild Astrild

Tune in tip: Dale Cooper Quartet & the Dictaphones

Not only is 2017 the return of Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks seasons 3 (hooray!), no, even the Dale Cooper quartet released its 4th album (hooray²!) this year! Coincidence? I think not. There’s something going here and in the end Laura Palmer might be alive again before we figured out anything at all. Twin Peaks is something like the “mother of all mystery TV soap operas”, had a magnificent soundtrack from Angelo Badalamenti and a timeless theme song.

The atmosphere from the soundtrack probably defined that “David Lynch-esque” style of music. The french band “Dale Cooper Quartet & The Dictaphones” is a (dark) ambient / dark jazz band that tries to capture the atmosphere of said “Lynch-esque” style. The german band “Bohren & der Club of Gore” (the pioneers of dark and doom jazz) does so as well, but to a darker extend and with a complete lack of lyrics.

The fourth album from DCQ&TD “Astrild Astrild” is somewhat different than the three predecessors. It’s still dark and brooding in terms of atmosphere but offers way more lengthy drone elements and a scarce use of the saxophone. This is not bad per se but something you’d not expect from a dark jazz band. There’s still plenty of the mysterious twilight atmosphere to be heard with vocals being a major part of the album.

Surely this isn’t close to “easy listening” – it’s a typical dark jazz soundtrack for an imaginary film noir mystery thriller and it works quite well. Sadly “Astrild Astrild” doesn’t live up their (imho best album) “Metamanoir” or the great “Quatorze Pièces De Menacewith its epic 21 minutes album opener “Brosme en Dos​-​vert“. Nevertheless, you better give the new album a listen yourself.

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