Daniel von Appen
Alder & Ash - Clutched in the Maw of the World

Tune in Tip: Alder & Ash – Clutched in the Maw of the World

I always enjoyed classical music and I’m always eager to find new music amongst “neoclassical” or “modern classical” artists. So I was pretty pleased that I stumbled across Alder & Ash – a one man experimental Cello artists. When it comes to instruments in classical music strings are probably my favorites because of their nature of providing a wide range of tones and atmospheres. So the first notes of “Clutched in the Maw of the World” instantly caught my attention and indicated that this is going to be an interesting listening experience!

And I wasn’t disappointed by anything that followed after! It’s an ongoing dispute between “stillness, introversion and penitence” and “violence, cacophony and angst”. It’s perfectly arranged to build up tension and relieve, as it’s disruptive as well as menacing and right before everything’s being torn apart a distant kind of lamentation interrupts and stops the imminent. But only for the dispute to start all over again in an ongoing cycle that keeps repeating itself.

Taking all this into account one can already imagine that Alder & Ash’s “Clutched in the Maw of the World” is far from being “easy listening”. Nevertheless it’s an album that needs to be enjoyed in one go as it takes you onto a ride in to the black with questions being asked. Questions that you can only answer yourself once you’ve gone through it.