Daniel von Appen
2017 music retrospective

2017 music retrospective

Kristoffer Maddigan:
Cuphead Soundtrack

Cuphead is a classic run and gun action game inspired by cartoons of the 1930s.

Cuphead has an amazing jazz-based soundtrack that comes with 56 tracks and covers almost 3 hours of lively music that perfectly represents the 30’s era. I suggest you listen to the whole soundtrack as picking just a few specific songs is quite impossible.


Heilung is a german-danish folk band that manages to create a mysterious and archaic soundscape which tends to get quite dark. The vocals range from mantra like rythms to harsh spoken words and elevate into sublime singing.

Be sure to check out this amazing live performance of Krigsgaldr!

Kid Koala feat. Emilíana Torrini:
Satellite: Music to draw to

Kid Koala is most definitely my favorite turntablist ever since the times of Fender Bender being aired on TV – bee beebee bee! And I seriously have a weakness for female icelandic singers and Emilíana Torrini makes no exception! So seing both collaborate on a complete album is pure.. bliss! I suggest to listen to the whole album in one go as it’s a heartrending musical story about a couple separated by a mission to Mars.

Alexandra Savior:
Belladonna of Sadness

I stumbled upon Alexandra Savior through the “True Detective Season 2” soundtrack and the demo from her song Risk. 2 years later her debut album “Belladonna of Sadness” has finally arrived and it was worth the wait! Hypnotizing vocals, mysterious and charming atmospheres all coming together as something between soul and indie pop!

Atrium Carceri & Cities Last Broadcast:
Black Corner Den

Audible Opium.

Dark ambient at its finest. The opening track directly sets the ghastly mood for an 36 minute long fight against your delirium and the haziness in your head that lets your mind slowly wither. It’s time to wake up. Again. One last time.


Pessimiste(s), Nihiliste(s), Misanthrope(s), Infidèle(s): the history of Celeste is just as it sounds: negative, gloomy and destructive.

French post-hardcore/black metal/sludge band. Electrifying album from start to finish – raw and brutal, like a kick in the groin! Pure dissonance and monotony of an aggressive and ugly attitude that barely leaves you any break to take a breath.

Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch:
Blade Runner 2049

Amazing movie, amazing visuals and an amazing soundtrack – as long as you’re a friend of dystopian dark ambient music. This is a threatening and dark journey through a sunless Los Angeles in a not so distant future. Think of heavy (musical) structures hidden in the smog and a massive rainstorm (rythms) that keeps cushing at your window and on top of that a lot of drone elements.

Beyond Life And Death

Swedish duo Noêta’s “black ambient” debut is an nightmarish album seperated into 3 acts all about the emotion, the resignation and the ruthlessness of existance. Burdensome soundscapes, muffled percussions, minimalistic rythms and haunting vocals! Sounds interesting? It sure is!

Otto A. Totland:
The Lost

The second album from Totland follows the root of its predecessor (Pinô (check out the magnificent title track))– gentle and lovely piano music full of melancholy and emotion! Delicate 42 minutes to enjoy during a quiet hour while sipping a cup of hot cocoa!

Poppy Ackroyd:

Sketches serves to reintroduce listeners to Ackroyd’s most stunning pieces from her previous albums, all of which have been reworked into ‘acoustic’ solo piano arrangements, along with four brand new, unheard pieces.

I always enjoyed Poppy’s first two albums and her mixture between classical music and electronic elements but I feel like her songs as “pure acoustis piano arrangements” are unmatched in her musical portfolio. More please!