Daniel von Appen


I always enjoyed street photography and taking unstaged photos of a moment or scene that are unlikely to happen again. So back in 2014 when I was fiddling around with my camera I gave all internal camera effects a try. The monochromatic effects got me hooked and I’ve been using them exclusively for pretty much a year. Turning on the effect and setting the camera to manual mode turned into a habit. While wandering aimlessly through the streets of Cologne for hours and sometimes throughout the night I captured a lot scenes.

Sadly, due to german personal rights, putting the focus on people is quite complicated without a proper agreement. So I had to rely on people in motion of focusing on a moment or scene where people were just part of the image instead of the subject. I know that this is not “the intention” or “artistic view” of street photography but it needs to be sufficient – I guess.

Most of the photos were taken while listening to Sunset Mission from Bohren & der Club of Gore, which without a doubt is the best band good ol’ Germany has to offer. So quite a few photos have a subtle “Noir touch” which somehow represent the atmosphere I feel and the mood I’m in while listening to BudCoG.

Monochromatic Cologne