Daniel von Appen

LUT Files


When editing photos I intend to get a certain look and feel via color grading in Adobe Photoshop. Some of my Look-Up Tables (in.cube format) I created are available for sale on Sellfy.com. All my LUT files are now available for free! But if you feel generous and what to say thanks you can always buy me a Coke! For a preview and interactive before and after comparison you can browse the sets below.

Look-Up Tables

(LUTs) are files that replace colors per RGB value with a different one by mathematical instruction on a pixel by pixel basis. This form of colorgrading allows one to alter the look of images drastically or subtle.


All LUT files (either .cube or .3dl) are mostly compatible with modern photo and video editing software. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Efrfects, Adobe Speedgrade, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and more.